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Recovering from Aintree!

After the madness of Aintree’s Grand National last week, I feel like I’ve only just got back to normality. In total, I made just under 60 headpieces that attended the three day event, including my own that was just about completed before I walked out of the front door on the Saturday morning! There is no better feeling of job satisfaction than seeing my creations on gorgeous customers.


So what did you all think of the fashion at Aintree this year? Ok, so yes there are some racegoers who don't get it right, but why oh why do the media, especially the Daily Mail feel the need to focus on these individuals? Yes there where skirts to short, dresses too low and heels too high, but that happens anywhere! It really did infuriate me to see pictures of helpless women who's underwear was exposed due to no other fact than that was a windy day! It seemed as though the Mail had their own blinkers on and were only interested in highlighting the fashion ‘faux pas’ of the event. I really hope that anybody who was photographed and portrayed in a negative way doesn't have their confidence affected. These so called “photographers” need to have a think of the affect their pictures might have on innocent race goers! I was in attendance myself on the Saturday and spotted some fabulous, classy outfits. You can definitely spot the Liverpool girls who make such an effort, they look amazing and should be proud, I know I was.

I absolutely loved every minute of my day at Aintree. I had the best company, I was up on my bets, and we got loads of compliments on our headwear all day. Even though it’s taken me a week to recover from the sleep deprivation of working in the run up to the event, I’m so happy I was able to fit all of my customers in. Including many last minute orders which resulted in a lot of my samples being adjusted and sold on.

So now with my mannequin heads in the studio bare, I am looking at putting together a small collection aimed at accommodating those of you attending Royal Ascot this June. I will be working with some new fabrics, materials and some new techniques - keep your eyes peeled!

I am working flat out for the next weeks with so many orders for some wonderful weddings! I am attending a wedding myself next month so need to get thinking about my outfit and most importantly, my headpiece! I'm going to Francesca Couture armed with loads of images I've been collecting and ideas of what I want. No doubt, she will work her magic and come up with something amazing! Her new website is now up and running, go and have a look, she has some fabulous ready to wear pieces and a collection of sunglasses that will have you spoilt for choice! Click here to have a look!

I am dealing with loads of enquiries for bespoke pieces right through until next year now so please get in touch if you want something making for a particular date, I can see 2016 being really busy!

So I'm back to it, Festival collection coming soon so keep a eye out and I will be adding some new designs to the ever popular choker collection. Busy, Busy, but wouldn't want it any other way! Thanks for reading, Katie xxx

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