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Looking at SS16, it's no surprise to see runways filled with hair accessories in all shapes and sizes. Judging from the ubiquitous appearance at each show hairbands, headpieces and hair accessories is a trend that is set to stay! Couture pieces have been perfectly complemented and completed with show stopping head pieces seen at Saint Laurent, Chloe and Anna Sui to name but a few.

The accessory trend has not stopped at hair, Mary Katrantzou embraced the opulent effect of the choker, also seen at Dior, where a conceptual version was created when jewels were layered over pastel pieces of fabric, twisted around both the throat and hair.

The Mianna choker, available in various colours, channels these vibes and also has accents of Balmain with amazing lace and tassel pieces as seen in the Spring Summer 2016 collection.

Balmain SS16 and Mianna Chocker by Katie Mangan Millinery
Crowns have also been hinted at with Dolce & Gabbana’s lush garlands and Rodarte’s Grecian-esque golden barrettes. Saint Laurent's wowed us with rock ’n’ roll misfits sporting tiaras—proof that, with the right hair accessory, you too can be queen for a day.
Coco Chanel once said, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” Fasten any of these head pieces or accessories into unwashed lengths or tuck one into an elegant updo and your hair will instantly broadcast a bit of both. 
There is not better example of this than myself last Saturday night. Having left it it late to get an appointment with my amazing hairdresser Steph, I was faced with the daunting task of beautifying my barnet!
Queue the new OPHELIA star headpiece! I simply scraped my hair back and fixed the gorgeous, swarovski encrusted accessory around my head. Voila... a unique, eye-catching way to tun my sad locks into a perfect Saturday night winner! 

With races season upon us and Liverpool’s biggest meet The Grand National just weeks away, the race is on to find the perfect accessory, be it a fabulous fascinator, bespoke headpiece or hairband even a classy choker to perfectly complement your outfit. There is limited time to order your bespoke Katie Mangan Millinery piece in time for the Grand National. Get your hands on a unique piece to stand out from the crowd.

Take inspiration from the Spring Summer 2016 runways, take a look at the beautiful bespoke pieces on the website or use your own ideas in order for me to create a unique piece that is perfect for you. Be it a crown, lace, tassels, diamonds, crystals, flowers, feathers…I can create a statement one- off piece for you.

Jean Paul GaultierRodarte


With all the excitement of Summer I am feeling generous and so will be offering FREE SHIPPING for a limited time only on all hairbands, accessories and all items in the kids collection.

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