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Hello - It's been a while!

WOW it’s been a busy summer, from races to weddings to festivals, we’ve basically covered them all. This year I can definitely say we’ve pushed the boundaries working to our maximum to come up with new designs and styles for all you lovely ladies! One of our most popular designs this year was the MIA butterfly headpiece. First introduced when we made a bespoke piece for our fave makeup artist Makeup by Mia, we have gone on to produce the piece in so many colours and variations.

This year has seen not only new designs, we have also been using some new materials - one of my personal favourites is the beautiful silk abaca. This is definitely one we will be taking with us into autumn. Here is one of my favourite looks of the summer, gorgeous Jade wearing a silk abaca knot bow with veiling.

Now that the summer nights and blue skies are no longer here, it’s time we pay our good friend Autumn a visit. Trilby hats move over, the baker boy is in town! We’ve currently been doing some trend forecasting here at Katie Mangan Millinery and we are delighted to tell you we will be stocking one of the hottest trends this season, the baker boy. This hat is truly versatile and can be worn for any occasion whether it’s a night out with the girls or the school run. So throw out the dry shampoo ladies you’ve got yourself a new best friend!

Our highlight of Autumn last year was most definitely our Halloween collection. Every piece was totally unique, ranging from masquerade masks to day of the dead flower crowns. This year we will be coming back stronger and spookier than ever, be sure to keep your eyes peeled as the collection will be launching on Friday 29th of September, with a second release date on the 13th October. The beauty of the Halloween pieces is that there is no need for a costume. All the headpieces are statements as they are! If you have any specific ideas or design requirements don’t hesitate to drop us and email, we are more than happy to discuss.

This month I was so happy to be able to create a very special type of headpiece for my amazing auntie Lynne. In December last year Lynne was diagnosed with breast cancer. Bravely, she started on a very tough journey to beat it and I am so happy to say that she did! After battling threw her chemotherapy, Lynne had to deal with the loss of her hair. I can’t even imagine what it must be like for her and for so many other women who have to go through this horrendous loss. However, Lynne dealt with the hair loss like she deals with many challenges in her life, she gets on with it, laughs at every opportunity and keeps her worry’s and woes to herself. There was one thing she was worried about though, a wedding her and her husband had been invited to attend this September. As we all know, a wedding invitation is an excuse to go out and get a new outfit, book in to get your hair and makeup done professionally, maybe buy those shoes you’ve been eyeing up all season. We all want to go that extra mile to look that extra bit nice. So that’s when Lynne asked me to help. Worried that the simple cotton head wraps she had been wearing for so many months just wouldn’t work for such a special occasion, we looked at different options. After playing around with all the headbands, materials and feathers in the studio, I said to Lynne the same phrase I say to so many other customers… “leave it with me” After completing it, I was quite nervous to show her the final piece, but her reaction was probably the best I’ve ever had from any customer! She must have said it was gorgeous at least 50 times, to the point we were laughing together uncontrollably. She was truly delighted. After the laughs calmed down and she had said thank you for the millionth time, Lynne went quite serious and explained that I really wouldn’t understand how grateful she was. To be able to create something that not only disguised the hair loss but actually made her feel fabulous was amazing. So that was definitely I highlight of the summer for me!

So what’s coming up…?

Friday 29th September – 1st release of our Halloween Collection

Friday 13th October – 2nd release of our Halloween Collection

Saturday 18th November – SLUXE Sample Sale, Camp & Furnace. Set to be bigger and better than any previous sales, this is definitely one for your diaries girls! Free entry, be there early for the best bargains!

Friday 24th November – BLACK FRIDAY! Our online sale will be bigger and better than last year, set your alarms now!

And for all of you gorgeous people who have taken the time to read this blog here’s a little thank you – 20% off your entire order until Friday! Enter BLOG20 at checkout.

Again, it goes without saying, thank you to all my lovely customers, followers, family and friends for your ongoing support. Katie x

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