It's Aintree Time!

Aintree Fashion Headpieces katie mangan millinery Millinery Races SS18

Getting ready for Aintree 2018!


As the Grand National Festival is just around the corner I am so excited to see my fabulous customers showing off their headpieces!


Aintree seems to come around so quick, and it is my favourite time of year. There is a real hype around the city in the weeks leading up to the opening day, with all our gorgeous ladies of the city getting their preparations in place!


Whether you go to enjoy the horse racing, for a fun day out or to win in the Ladies Day Style Awards it is always worth the trip. I would love to see one of my customers on the podium on Ladies Day this year!


I think my favourite part about the run up to the Grand National Festival is having customers both regular and new sending me messages on Instagram, WhatsApp and via e-mail to order their headpiece as I get to see pictures of gorgeous shoes, dresses and bags (which I become so envious of!) and I love getting to work finding different materials, styles and colours to tailor to each outfit. I have also been visited Francesca Couture in the Metquarter on two occasions so far, where I got to chat to ladies and discuss outfits and find the perfect match for them! We were able to get some gorgeous headpieces ordered, some who were customers buying dresses from Francesca too – and I love being able to work with Francesca to create pieces which complement each other.


I have a great array of customers, some who are Aintree regulars for twenty years or more (like my mum!) and some brand new first time visitors to Aintree, all equally as excited as each other! What I love is that each customer has their own unique style, and that I can help them by creating their perfect headpiece. Some come along and know exactly what they want, others have no idea at all! It is great to discuss with each lovely lady and brainstorm ideas for their headpiece, thinking about different options I can offer to suit each individual, and I always end up using my age-old phrase; “Just leave it with me!” I am at my happiest when I am sat working away finding different ways to make different styles, and my customers are always happy to leave their ideas with me when I tell them that I am a perfectionist!



The excitement I get to share with my customers is the best, especially when they come to pick up their finished pieces and I get to see the joy on their faces! Of course, the cherry on the cake is the satisfaction when I am sent beautiful pictures of my customers enjoying their day, who always look stunning in their outfits of choice, and you can see in their smiles how happy they are!


Earlier this month, I really enjoyed getting interviewed by A Liverpool Mum talking all things headpieces, Aintree and how I work in my home studio whilst juggling plates and having my two gorgeous boys around my ankles! Take a read of the interview using this link...


So, there is still time to get your orders in! Drop me an e-mail at for a bespoke piece, or there are also ready to wear pieces available to buy at Francesca Couture, The Metquarter, Liverpool, L1 6DA.


To all those attending Aintree this year, have a ball! I can’t wait to see all of your outfits!


Katie x

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